Climate in Bariloche is, according to the geography, considered as mountain weather. Temperatures may variate quite a lot from min to max. During summer, you may be wearing a t-shirt, with temperatures reaching 33 ºC  during the day but as soon as the sun comes down, you will need a jacket or a sweat shirt as temperature drops down suddenly. Daylight extends until 10 PM!

It is a climate typical of high mountains; more rain in winter with plenty of snow, and milder and dry during summer. Winds from the west (Pacific Ocean) prevail.

Besides, weather in Bariloche ranges from very humid at the Andes, to the West (this is the region where it rains the most countrywide), to arid and desert to the East, right where the meseta Patagonica (plateau) starts. Rain increases westbound.

In winter, temperatures range from 0 to -10ºC so it gets pretty cold. Snowfall is also frequent.
Both fall and spring are fresh, with cold nights. Autumn is when the wind is calmer however it rains more whereas spring is windier and dryer.

To sum up, you must always be prepared for cold or chill weather, no matter which time of the year you come, you must bring a jacket!


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