Monday, September 15, 2014


Rafting down Limay River


If you want to experiment something different with family or friends, available during spring and summer season, rafting down Limay River is an absolutly magnificent experience you won't forget.  







The service includes transportation back and foward from the hotel, a guide, safety equiment and a snack. As it's a level 1 class rafting, it is ideal to do with children.

You will skirt Nahuel Huapi lake as you leave the city of Bariloche (heading north-east direction), crossing the Limay River, right where it begins, entering to the neighbour province of Neuquen. From here on, you will start noticing a change in the vegetation around you, turning from forest to steppe (arid vegetation).

This is where the interesting "far west" type landscapes start to appear, visualizing some outstanding rock formation as you enter into part of "Valle Encantado", same one you visit on the Circuito Grande tour. 
After about 45 min. by van, you will take a short dirt trail that will lead right into the river coast.


 Fresh air, peaceful silence and lots of sun is what you will feel once you get off the van. At this moment, you will be given all the needed instructions and life vest for your security, besides an oar. 

Once you hop into the raft and start to navigate down the river for an hour, well... images ar worth more than words I guess...

Outtings: 10.00am or 01.00pm every day (must ask before). It's a 4 hours tour (half day).

Inlcudes: A snack, transporation form hotel and safety equipment.

What are you waiting for? Get in contact with me right away to hire this and many other tour options to enjoy your visit to Bariloche! E-mail me to or visit me at Bariloche Select Travel, located on Villegas St. 237 (downtown).

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