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All the lanscapes in one day


Circuito Grande is a great option if you're looking for the best viewing points and lanscapes representatives of Patagonia's geography and vegetation.

Taking route N°237 up north, you will skirt lake Nahuel Huapi to the east, crossing over Limay river and entering to the province of Neuquen.
As far as you travel, you will be admire by the beauty of the steppe flora combined with some green Cipres trees and the turquoise water of Limay river, along the valley.
As if this was not enough, you will suddenly be amazed by some of the most rare and outstanding rock figures pointing out of the landscape. Some of these rocks have come to be known as Dedo de dios "God's Finger", Sentinela "Sentry", Tren Expreso "Express Train" and Los SIameses "The Siameses" among others. This such unique places is called Valle Enacantado or "Enchanted Valley".

After stopping at many viewing point you just can't pass by, you will get to "Confluencia". In this point, the river Traful flows it's water into Limay river. From here, you'll take a gravel road to the west, observing wild animals, such as Condor (biggest bird in South America), Huanacos, and more.
In this valley following up Traful river, you will feel like a cowboy in a western movie!

The first town you will get to is Villa Traful. This small villa was founded in 1936 under the command of the Nahuel Huapi National Park administration, authorizing the sale of lands to build houses and buildings such as the first public school and the chapel, still standing.


The trip doesn't end here. Further on, you'll continue travelling through the dirt road N°65 heading west. Here you'll start visualizing some changes through the window. The vegetation starts getting greener and more trees start to show up as you travel within a transition zone from steppe to forest.

Once you are totally surrounded by forest, a paved road will suddendly show up. This is the famouse road N°40, which you travel along during the Seven Lakes tour. You will now take this road down south (according to the Circuit Grande design) and will see lakes Espejo Chico, Espejo, Correntoso and Nahuel Huapi once again, besides lake Traful, seen before on the way.

A stop is required at Villa la Angostura, not only to visit this marvelous city, but also to have lunch!
It is a "most do" to visit during this tour, the chaple "Nuestra Señora de la Asucion", designed by Alejandro Bustillo, same arquitect that designed the LLao Llao Hotel, San Eduardo chapel, the Civic Center and the Cathedral in Bariloche among others.
Also, visit the port, the Brava and Mansa beaches, and the downtown.

Villa la Angostura is known as the "Garden of Patagonia" due to its Fiesta de los Jardines or "Garden Festival" and the very taken care of parks, boulevards and gardens full of colourful flowers mostly all year long.

From this point, you will start the journey back to Bariloche, skirt the lake Nahuel Huapi all the way, getting some of the best views of Bariloche from the front shore of the lake!

This is in my opinion a tour you can't miss to get to know about history, aborigins, first Americans and Europeans that settled in the area, vegetation types, and more. Ideal to discover Patagonia!

Outing: During spring, summer and autumn every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
               During winter, according to weather and road conditions.
               Possible any day with a private service. Ask for it!

Pick up time: 8.30am to 6.30pm (Full day)

What are you waiting for? Get in contact with me right away to hire this and many other tour options to enjoy your visit to Bariloche! E-mail me to or visit me at Bariloche Select Travel, located on Villegas St. 237 (downtown).

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