Thursday, May 22, 2014


Experience an unforgettable night in a cave.  La cueva is just that right place to live a unique  experience, surrounded by real natural rocky walls, combining an exclusive service in a naturally rustic place.

This is one of my favourites in what refers to the characteristics of the place. Yes, it's a natural cave formation hidden in a Lenga forest in the southern slope of Mt Catedral (Ski Resort). You only accede to this such special site, taking this fascinating tour. Driving up with snowmobiles and the company of the guides of course, you will start seeing more and more snow and some frozen waterfalls in the way.

After driving up through the snowy forest from Villa Catedral to the cave, for about 40 minutes, you will visualize a rustic curved wooden window, illuminated be candle lights.

Not knowing what to expect then, once you enter trough the door, you will be astonished by the place. The warm human touch in every corner of the cave makes you feel in an exclusive exotic natural shelter that combines perfectly nature with comfort and exclusivity. You won't find anything more excluisve and secluded than this believe me!

Now, speaking of the service, the attention given by the personnel is fantastic and the food is absolutly delicious. Besides, you can repeat everything, including drinks and dessert.
You will first be surprised with lots of smoked cold cuts and cheese from the region as appetizers followed by the main dish, which you may choose between two different options: generally a lamb stew or trout with a delicious sauce.

Relaxing, chatting and drinking great wine or craft beer are some of the "must do" at La Cueva (The Cave). Besides the fun and great moments lived, no one will believe you had a gourmet dinner served in a cave in the middle of the mountain in Patagonian Andes. Unforgettable!


Why choosing it: 
Excellent service.
Snowmobile tour.
Not much view.
Very Interesting place with unique characteristics as a cave.
During the night with dinner. 
Located at Mt. Catedral (Ski Resort). 

Important: Does not include transportation from Bariloche to Villa Catedral (mountain base). You may take a taxi or public bus service.

Outings: Everyday during winter season. You might choose between four different shifts: 7pm or 10:00pm.
The tour takes nearly 3 hours.

What are you waiting for? Get in contact with me right away to hire this and many other tour options to enjoy your visit to Bariloche! E-mail me to or visit me at Bariloche Select Travel, located on Villegas St. 237 (downtown).


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